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K-Magic 2 New -5%

K-Magic 2

An enhanced 2nd generation, with added brand new c..

$1,999.00 $1,899.00

New Born Baby Gift Set New

New Born Baby Gift Set

New Born Baby Gift Set includes:1. Baby's First Ba..


Remote Control School Bus New

Remote Control School Bus

Concept of directionMind and hand coordinationCrea..


Patrick's Color Learning Pen New

Patrick's Color Learning Pen

Red, blue, green, yellow...Point to a color - th..


Doodle Studio -33%

Doodle Studio

Doodle Studio reinvents the classic magnet doodle ..

$299.00 $199.00


A bath toy that turns when the kids pour water int..


Baby Bongo -25%

Baby Bongo

Catch the rhythm and enjoy the music. Bong, Bong, ..

$239.00 $179.00

Happy Trio -21%

Happy Trio

Can be attached to baby cot, baby's wrist, car sea..

$240.00 $189.00

Learning Blocks New

Learning Blocks

A long-term, smart-play toy, whi..


POPBO BLOCS Chain-an-inchworm -28%

POPBO BLOCS Chain-an-inchworm

Chain-an-inchworm is a set of colorful and educati..

$180.00 $129.00

Popbo Weather New -27%

Popbo Weather

Miss and Mr. Weather, what is the weather today an..

$190.00 $139.00

Baby Blocks

Babies love Blocks. They build and stack them. The..


18 shapes New

18 shapes

18 blocks of different shapes are adorned with bea..


2 in 1 Talking Ball -18%

2 in 1 Talking Ball

This ball can count. Throw it to your baby, it say..

$230.00 $189.00

Block N Learn -20%

Block N Learn

A long-term, smart-play toy, which paves the way f..

$299.00 $239.00

Owl! The Stacking Bucket Family -27%

Owl! The Stacking Bucket Family

It is an Owl, it is a shape sorter, it is a stacki..

$259.00 $189.00

Patrick Shapes-a-boo

9 blocks of different shapes are adorned with beau..


Fish and Count Out Of Stock

Fish and Count

This velcro-action fish pond comes with a squeaky ..


I am the BOSS

Boss, the blue/pink dinosaur with 60 balls in his/..


Inchworm with Teether -25%

Inchworm with Teether

The popular inchworm comes with a mirror, a soft t..

$199.00 $149.00

Jumbo Go Go Go

A roomy car for babies to relax, enjoy their bottl..


Little Chef Out Of Stock

Little Chef

Size: 18.5cm(W) x 18cm(H)..