Hair Arrangement Mell Chan

Hair Arrangement Mell Chan

Not include dolls, clothes and other accessories


Crimper for fine wavy hair (Ribbon Shape)

Pinch hair with crimper and wait 15 to 20 second before removing it.Fine lines are completed.

Crimper for loose wavy hair (Double Heart Shape)

Pinch hair with crimper and wait 15 to 20 second before removing it.Wavy hair is completed.

Round curler (Rod-Shaped)

Take the ends of the hair with upward movements, then curl around and wait 15 to 20 minutes before pulling it out. Spiral curls are completed.

No battery required. Crimpers/curler don’t generate any heat. Do not excessively open or twist the crimpers/curler as damages could be caused. The effect of curly hair depends on the air temperature. With higher air temperature, the curly hair can recover to straight hair rapidly. In contrast, the curly hair effect can last longer with lower air temperature. The curly hair will recover as straight after a while. If you wish a rapid recovery, please warm it up with your hands and brush the hair. When bathing with warm water, hair will become straight. You can replay and enjoy again and again.

Please make sure water is not too cold or too hot which can be dangerous to the children. Please ensure the toys are completely dry before storage. Use natural detergent in case of dirt and rinse with little bit of water. Hair color will change when bathing with water of around 36°C or above. Hair will change back to normal color automatically after cooled down. Please dry the hair with towel and do not rub too hard. Do not use hair dryer.

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