Doodle Studio Plus

Out Of Stock Doodle Studio Plus

Enhance fine motor and writing skills.
Reinforce logical thinking.

Sometimes children have problems with writing within a defined space. Doodle Studio plus can help solve this problem. In addition to all the learning elements of the original Doodle Studio, there are 4 spatial training cards provided to help children understand position, direction and distance – very useful training tools for pre-writing skills. Child is asked to draw within the lines drawn by the parents. Parents can adjust the width of the space according to their progress.

More learning can be found on the guide book.

Doodle Studio plus - KT21009 
Size: 30(W) x 30(H) cm 
Includes: 1 magnet doodle pad, 1 magnetic pen, 
12 matching learning cards, 12 shapes learning cards, 
4 spatial training cards, 1 drawing booklet, 1 guide book

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