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Touch N Feel Shapes

Provide tactile stimulations. Strengthen sensory d..


Look At Me!

Understand different expressions and feelings. Enc..


Clip N Sort

Reinforce eye-hand coordination, fine motor skill ..


My Feelings

Understand different feelings and express appropri..


Story Blocks

Enhance logical thinking.Improve communication ski..


Wind Up Emma

Enhance gross and fine motor skillsWind up Emma co..


2 in 1 Dress Up Doll

Train fine motor skills.Enhance the ability of sel..


Blow and Blow

Train oral motor and fine motor skills.Enhance emo..


Colorful Snapping Chain

Reinforce fine motor skills. Develop spatial aware..


Doodle Studio Plus

Enhance fine motor and writing skills.Reinforce lo..


Healthy Diet

Understanding of food.Improve the problem of picky..


Lacing Fun

Reinforce eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills..


My Picture Diary

Develop organization and sequencing. Improve langu..


My Singing Birthday Cake

Train oral motor. Develop logical skills.Enhance e..


Peg N Lace

Reinforce fine motor skills and eye-hand coordinat..


Press n Go inchworm

Enhance fine and gross motor skills.Reinforce prop..


Throw N Hit

Train gross motor skills and balancing. Keep emoti..


Pop Lock Stacking Squares

Reinforce motor skills and eye-hand coordination. ..


Sensory Marble Maze

Strengthen finger muscle and sensory development. ..


Balance Cushion

Train balancing. Strengthen muscle tone.Keep emoti..


Calming Lap Pad﹣Large

Improve focus and concentrationSome children may b..


Calming Lap Pad﹣Small

Improve focus and concentrationSome children may b..


Calming Shoulder Pad

Improve focus and concentrationSome children may b..


Oral Muscle Teether

Train mouth and jaw muscles.Improve drooling and s..


Resistance Tunnel

Develop body awareness and motor planning.Provide ..


Sea Creature Chains

Reinforce motor skills and logical thinkingFine mo..


Sensory Balls-2pcs

Strengthen hand muscles and sensory developmentSom..