Must Have Educational Toys

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Patrick's Color Learning Pen

Red, blue, green, yellow...Point to a color - th..


Doodle Studio -33%

Doodle Studio

Doodle Studio reinvents the classic magnet doodle ..

$299.00 $199.00

18 shapes

18 blocks of different shapes are adorned with bea..


Owl! The Stacking Bucket Family

It is an Owl, it is a shape sorter, it is a stacki..


Patrick Shapes-a-boo -32%

Patrick Shapes-a-boo

9 blocks of different shapes are adorned with beau..

$249.00 $169.00

Patrick Soft Shape Sorter

Total 4 shapes in different textures & colors...


Happy Trio

Can be attached to baby cot, baby's wrist, car sea..


Musical Drum Out Of Stock

Musical Drum

Young children have fun in drumming in rhythm and ..


POPBO BLOCS Chain-an-inchworm -28%

POPBO BLOCS Chain-an-inchworm

Chain-an-inchworm is a set of colorful and educati..

$180.00 $129.00

Popbo Weather

Miss and Mr. Weather, what is the weather today an..


2 in 1 Talking Ball

This ball can count. Throw it to your baby, it say..


Block N Learn Out Of Stock

Block N Learn

A long-term, smart-play toy, which paves the way f..


Inchworm with Teether

The popular inchworm comes with a mirror, a soft t..


POPBO Train Set Out Of Stock

POPBO Train Set

Build a train and take Patrick, Sam and Ivan on a ..


Take Along Play Set - Farmyard

What are the farm animals? Take Along Play Set - F..


Take Along Play Set - Jungle

Take Along Play Set - Jungle consists of a mini ju..


Take Along Play Set - Ocean

Take Along Play Set - Ocean consists of 9 cute sea..


Big Blue Whale

Sit on the body with head facing the mirror. Find ..


Match & Sound Blocks - Animals

Match the pictures and listen to the sound of 4 di..


Match & Sound Blocks - Vehicles

Match the pictures and listen to the sound of 4 mo..


POPBO BLOCS- Fun Park Starter Set

Pop! Popbo Blocs are soft plastic blocks you can p..


Take along play set- Cars In Town

Vroom vroom, go the cars around and around the cit..


Patrick's Home Out Of Stock

Patrick's Home

Knock, knock. Who's there? Patrick's home is not o..


POPBO BLOCS - Turn Turn Loco

Push and Pull and my body turns. Woo! ..


Bathing with Baby Wayne & Julia

Bathing time babies! Let's pee before the bath. Sq..


Day N Night Owl Clock

Tick tock, tick tock! What's the time on the clock..